May 23, 2018


The history of international seminars and kendo tournaments of the NAMI Foundation began in 2015. We had the great honor of visiting Yamashiro Hironobu sensei (8 dan hanshi) in Wroclaw, who together with his assistants visited our city for three years.

In addition to the invaluable knowledge of Japanese fencing, which the sensei passed us, in 2015 and 2016 Yamashiro Hironobu was also the head judge of NAMI Taikai.

In 2017 Sugawara Tadanori sensei (7th dan kyoshi), who will lead the tournament again this year, was the main judge. In addition, sensei will also lead a kendo seminar before the competition.

The number of participants in our events is gradually increasing. In 2016 over 100 people participated in the kendo seminar, over 90 in the last year’s tournament.


Timeline of our events:

  • 24 September – 26 September, 2015: Yamashiro Sensei Gasshuku & Nami Kendo Taikai
  • 23 September – 25 Septmeber, 2016: Yamashiro Sensei Gasshuku & Nami Kendo Taikai
  • 15 July – 16 July, 2017: Yamashiro Kendo Gasshuku
  • 30 September – 1 October, 2017: Nami Kendo Taikai

The main prize of the third edition of Nami Taikai was a journey to Japan – Tokyo and trainings with sensei Sugawara. Mateusz Niewiadomski from Ryushinkai Wrocław and Maurycy Kaczor from UKS Łódź met in the final match, full of emotions. Finally, the victory went to Maurycy, who on June 12 began his kendo adventure at the several Japanese dojo and practiced 3 weeks with Sugawara sensei.


  •  25-26 August, 2018: Nami Kendo Taikai – that edition gathered more than 100 participants! 


We invite you to see the gallery – Nami Gasshuku & Taikai history. More photos are available on the website of the NAMI Foundation and facebook profile.