April 10, 2018


Categories of tournament (date of birth is decisive):

I – individual: children up to 9 years old (presentation of kirikaeshi and uchikomi).

Part one – full kirikaeshi – decision of the referees (hantei).
Part two – presentation of uchikomi techniques (2 x men, 2 x kotemen, 2 x do, 1 x men) – decision of the referees (hantei).
If extra time is needed, children will make a presentation of the techniques (uchikomi).
Please remember, each club should provide motodachi for the children (another player or instructor).


II – individual: children 10-12 years old (shiai). 
III – individual: juniors 13-15 years old (shiai).

IV – 2nd Junior Team Cup (3-person team: children + juniors).

V – individual men and women (age 16+) / kyu. Four best kenshi competing in kyu category are automatically promoted to dan category.
VI – individual men (16+) dan.
VII – individual women (16+) open.
VIII – 3-person team: adults (mixed, age 16+) The total age of all participants in the one team must be not less than 80 years old – determined by the year of birth. 


  1.  All individual categories: 20 euro / one person.
  2.  Ladies who register for two individual tournaments (kyu and dan open) pay only one fee – 20 euro
  3.  2nd Junior Team Cup: free entry.
  4.  Adult team category: 25 euro / one team.
  5.  Catering: 5 euro / one day
  6.  Sayonara Party: 5 euro. 

Payments in cash on the spot or by transfer to the account:

Fundacja Przyjazni Polsko-Japonskiej NAMI
ul. Legnicka 65, 54-206 Wroclaw

IBAN PL 06 2030 0045 3110 0000 0027 1410, SWIFT CORD: GOPZPLPW

In the title of payment, please write your name and for what exactly the fee is paid.