March 29, 2018

About us


We develop contacts between the Polish and the Japanese people and by studying and participating in culture we define the mutual parallels and differences to strengthen the perception of the own and reciprocal values.




The Ruyshinkai club was founded in 2013 by the Nami Foundation to popularize Japan martial arts, to refine contestants, to compete in Japanese martial arts, especially Kendo which is the core of Japanese spirit and traditions.

Ryushinkai is a licensed club by Polish Kendo Federation.

  • We foster international co-operation and in particular with Japanese masters.
  • On practices, we work on our characters and attitudes. Our goal is to get to know ourselves better and better.
  • After practices we are a group of friends happily welcoming people, we take part in our integrational meetings and various sports and cultural events.
  • We actively participate in practices and seminars.
  • Being a part of the Nami Foundation we organize shows, seminars, and international tournaments.


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