March 26, 2019


Tozando, one of the largest suppliers of kendo equipment in the world, became the official sponsor of Nami Kendo Taikai 2019.
Tozando mission: “Creating first class equipment. Developing world class warriors.”


Nami Kendo Taikai presents the prizes for best places in men dan and women open competition.
?!Awesome Panther Bogu is waiting for YOU!?
Thanks to our sponsor TOZANDO????
the winners will get the special voucher for this equipment??  

We received fantastic prizes ?? from Tozando International – shinai for the finalists of each individual category, engraved with the inscription 第五 回波 剣 道 大会 – 5th Nami Kendo Taikai. A great souvenir!
Let us remind you that the finalists of the individual dan categories are fighting for Tozando Panther Bogu, Tozando shinai, Tozando set hakama + keikogi? and kote 2mm (NAMI Foundation award)?
For all medalists we provide great prizes, including vouchers for Tozando kendo shop!  


Nine Circles, a renowned European kendo store, sponsors the prize for the largest club which will be registered for the tournament?
Voucher of 200 GBP, that can be spend on any equipment, will be passed to the leader of the largest team??
We include registered players for an individual tournament – children, youth and adults.



The prizes for the children and juniors (individual competitions and Junior Team Cup) are funded by Ei System, the Polish and European publisher of the Japanese game „Let’s Catch the Lion!”?
„Let’s Catch the Lion!” is a cute and smart derivate of the Japanese traditional chess-like game “shogi”.
As it is extremally easy to learn, the friendly tournament will be organized for all young participants of Nami Kendo Taikai 2019 (on Saturday) . The coaches and parents are welcome as well!?


We would like to thank the Wydawnictwo Kirin for funding beautiful book prizes?

The Kirin Publishing House has been publishing books related to Japanese culture for 10 years, as well as the quarterly “Torii”.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rich offer of the publisher!



MidoriTea4Me – the tea and ceramics shop, has funded us these beautiful awards. Thank you very much!


Thank you very much to the private sponsors:
Kazuya Tsuchimoto
Misao Yamada
Aumi Yamada
Yuichi Saito
Keiko Yarimizu & Miyagi Sanjo OG Choir
Ewa Mertuszka
Marta Podrecka & Andrzej Podrecki